Minimum stipend to increase by 2% in 2020

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With less than four months to the end of 2019, congregations should be starting to think and plan for the coming year. A key ingredient to the planning process is setting a realistic and achievable 2020 budget.

For many congregations ministerial costs represent a significant proportion of budgeted expenditure. The amount payable to ministers is set via the minimum stipend and associated allowances. These payments are reviewed annually, taking into account a range of economic and social factors.

At the Presbytery and Synod meeting held on 28 – 29 June, the Synod approved a 2% increase to the minimum stipend which will becomes effective from 1 January 2020. Congregations employing a full-time minister should budget on a minimum stipend of $59,778.

The accommodation allowance, where a minister provides their own housing, is expected to remain unchanged at $17,293 for 2020.

Other allowances remain subject to review and will be confirmed at the next Synod meeting in November 2019.

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