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Annual Information Statement – ACNC

Has your congregation lodged its 2018 Annual Information Statement (AIS) with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)? If not, your lodgement is now overdue and needs to be attended to immediately.

To maintain a current registration with the ACNC, all Uniting Church congregations need to submit an Annual Information Statement within six months from the end of your financial year. For most congregations the due date for the 2018 AIS was 30 June 2019.

Congregations who are non-compliant with ACNC requirements risk the prospect of deregistration. Any congregation deregistered by the ACNC will also lose their tax concessions including income tax, GST and FBT concessions.

More information on ACNC is available on the webpage:

Financial scams

There has been a significant increase in the number of scams targeting businesses and not-for-profit organisations. One common financial scam is the payment redirection scam where a scammer will pose as a known supplier advising you that their bank details have changed.

Often this information will be received by email, which on the surface may appear legitimate through the use of branding. Everyone should be immediately suspicious of any email that provides bank account details which are different to those that you have used previously.

This type of scam is not usually detected until the real supplier follows up an unpaid invoice.

Churches and individuals can protect themselves against this type of scam by simply confirming any changes to a bank account independently. 

Ring suppliers to confirm the details.   

Audited 2018 Financial Statements

Thank you to those congregations who have submitted a copy of their audited 2018 financial statements to the Financial Services Team.

There are a number of congregations who still need to submit their audited 2018 financial statements to the Synod office as required by Uniting Church Regulations.

If your congregation has simply overlooked this task, please email your audited 2018 accounts to by 30 September.


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