Developing a Position Description for Positions within Uniting Church SA Congregations

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It is vital that prior to advertising a position vacant, that a Position Description & Person Specification (PD&PS) is developed, outlining the key requirements of the position. Equally it is essential and forms a key component to the interview, selection, employment and retention processes, that employees within congregations are provided with a current PD&PS. This should be a document that is reviewed periodically (at least annually, during a performance appraisal) to ensure that changes to an employee’s role are captured. All PD&PSs form Schedule 1 of the employee’s employment contract. The most common roles that exist within congregations include (but are not limited to):

  • Ministry of Pastor
  • Administration Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Cleaner / Caretaker / Verger
  • Musician
  • Pastoral positions including the context of Child, Youth and Family
  • Playgroup Coordinator
  • Op Shop Assistant
  • Café Assistant
  • Craft Coordinator

The SA Synod Human Resources, located at 212 Pirie Street, is able to provide congregations with templates that will assist in structuring the PD&PS. Examples can also be provided of PD&PSs for similar roles within other congregations.

Assistance can also be sought from SA Synod Human Resources in relation to the appropriate employment terms and conditions, which will best serve the congregation’s needs. Award pay rates and salary benchmarking information is also available from Human Resources.

The final versions of PD&PSs are required to be approved by the Church Council Chairperson in consultation with the Church Council. For assistance or further information regarding the development of PD&PS, we encourage Church Council Chairpersons or their delegate, to contact the SA Synod Human Resources team on (08) 8236 4234 or Turn on Javascript!.

In addition, various HR resources can be accessed by congregations on the Synod of SA website: including Guidelines for Recruitment & Selection for Congregations and the Recruitment & Selection Policy


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