Cemeteries Administration

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There are a number of cemeteries across the Uniting Church in South Australia where faithful people serve our communities by maintaining properties and gardens as well as managing the ongoing legislative requirements that apply. No two cemeteries are quite the same.

The management of cemeteries is unique and governed by the:

The land Uniting Church cemeteries are located on is owned by The Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (S.A.). The relevant Church Council is responsible for the operations of the cemetery. In many cases these responsibilities are delegated to an individual or sub-committee. Synod Property Services can assist in the decision-making around plans or changes to the land.

How does one ensure a cemetery is maintained and those buried honoured? Well I’m glad you asked.

Working with cemeteries over the past two years, I’ve learnt that cemeteries work well when the following are in place:

  • A dedicated Curator
  • A Cemetery Trust or Friends of the cemetery
  • Knowledge of the cemetery’s history
  • Good record keeping, with a detailed plot plan including names of those buried there
  • An understanding of which vegetation is best for cemetery grounds and plots
  • A maintenance plan for the grounds and headstones
  • An awareness of the Burial and Cremation Regulations and Act

All questions and interesting facts about Uniting Church cemeteries should be directed to Trish Johnston, Property Coordinator by email: Turn on Javascript!.


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