Are casual employees being paid correctly?

Posted in Human Resources

If a congregation employs casual employees under the Miscellaneous Award 2010, they need to be aware of minimum shift lengths.

These employees are generally employed in the occupational groups of cleaners, caretakers, vergers, musicians, crèche workers, café workers, craft coordinators and op shop workers.

Any casual employees who are under the Miscellaneous Award must be engaged and paid for at least two (2) consecutive hours of work on each occasion that they are required to attend work.

All casual employees within congregations whose employment terms and conditions are prescribed within this Award will be impacted by minimum hours of work. 

If congregations have staff who fall into this category, Church Councils must ensure that minimum shift lengths are applied to employees’ working hours and rosters.

For assistance regarding employment terms and conditions, Church Council members are encouraged to contact Synod Human Resources on 1300 766 956 or email


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