Day of Mourning: Sunday before Australia Day

Mourning. It speaks to commemorating and acknowledging all we have to mourn since invasion took place. Not just the loss of life, but for all of the loss of culture, loss of land, loss of language. We know the power and the importance of grieving for people and things lost, and we believe we still need to speak these words.

At the 15th Triennial Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, it was resolved to institute a Day of Mourning to be commemorated on the Sunday before Australia Day each year. This is a way that Uniting Churches remember together with our First Peoples the cost of settlement and its ongoing impact. 

The Assembly have produced a range of resources to assist congregations and faith communities in standing in solidarity with the First Peoples of these lands. Find the resources on their website>

Resources from Uniting Churches in SA:

Australians Together also has some useful resources: