Promoting your event

CommUnity Day

Tips for Promoting your CommUnity Day event

Before choosing your promotional resources, ensure you have decided on an event and have considered who will be attending (your key audience).

Determining who you want to attract to your event is important when deciding what the most effective promotional tools will be to advertise it. Once you have made this decision, there are a number of things you can do to promote your particular event:

  1. Register your event with the Communications team. They will assist your promotion by: Listing your event on the CommUnity Day website, Providing CommUnity Day branded promotional materials such as postcards and signage. For more information on the types of promotional material on offer please see below or contact the Communications team.
  2. Contact your local media outlets. Local newspapers, such your area’s Messenger, are a great way to spread awareness of an event either through an article or an advertisement. Local radio stations, including LifeFM, also provide these opportunities.
  3. Contact leaders of other local churches. Approach leaders of neighbouring Uniting Churches or churches of other denominations, asking whether they would be interested in promoting or getting involved in your event.
  4. Approach local community clubs, groups and/or schools. Keeping your key audience in mind, invite local groups to participate in your CommUnity Day event. Encourage them to invite friends and family along.

Promotional materials pictured below are subject to availability; some of the pictured items are limited in supply.

CommUnity Day promotional materials



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