Highbury Street Fund

What is the Highbury Street Fund?

When the Prospect Uniting Church in Highbury Street closed it was decided the missional legacy from the congregation would go into ministry rather than other buildings. The congregation discerned God was leading them to support the many new migrant ethnic churches and a discernment process led to the establishment of the Highbury Street Fund (HSF), to enable ministry and mission with culturally and linguistically diverse people to flourish in South Australia.

Since that time other ways for Christians of diverse ethnic backgrounds to be church have emerged in South Australia.These include new autonomous or denominationally-linked faith communities, and also groups and individuals joining existing Uniting Church congregations. In addition to this, those participating in church life now include temporary residents, e.g. international students.

Aim of the Fund

The main goal of the HSF is therefore to support leadership development across this variety of expressions of church.

General Distributions, ranging from $200 to $3500, may be applied for at any time. Sums of less than $500 may be approved within six weeks of application. Amounts from $500 - $3500 will be dealt with by an application process that is assessed by committee. These are dealt with on a six-monthly basis, with funding rounds in May and October. Applicants that are unable to be funded in any given round will be given the opportunity to be considered in future rounds.

Larger amounts – Groups seeking to apply for larger amounts are asked to meet with Transforming Mission staff to develop a project proposal for consideration. Success of such projects will normally be dependent on identifying partner funding sources and reporting and monitoring capacity.    

Money is generally distributed twice each year from the interest gained from the capital fund. (Some funds may be distributed at other times). The money is managed in the Common Fund of the Synod of the Uniting Church in South Australia. Funds are allocated by the Highbury Street Fund (HSF) Committee.

General Distribution Applications for funds are due on 15 May and 31 October each year. An interview with the applicant may be required. Applicants will be informed of the result of their application within one month of these dates.

What type of activity is covered by the fund?

Conferences, workshops and short intensive study programs may be considered, both in South Australia and Interstate (e.g. Migrant or Language-specific National Conferences or Conferences featuring components related to multi and cross-cultural ministry).
(For longer term study an application could be made for the R.H.White Scholarship. Contact Uniting College on 8416 8420 for more information)

  • Short programmes and intensive courses in similar colleges interstate
  • Leadership development courses
  • Continuing education programmes offered by the mainstream denominations
  • In-service, lay education or other education centres recognised by the HSF Committee.
  • Conferences or workshops
  • Bringing in an interstate or overseas facilitator to lead a conference in Adelaide. (Preference will be given to applications that can show that other groups will also be making use of the facilitator’s visit).
  • Field education or internships
  • Research into new initiatives (Please contact the Highbury Street Fund office to discuss your proposal).

Who can apply?

People of diverse ethnic background with leadership roles within the Uniting Church and other mainstream churches and faith communities in South Australia.

People of any age who have been identified as having leadership potential and whose HSF application is endorsed by their congregation.

What is funded?

Fees and direct study expenses
In some cases partial and in other cases full funding
In some cases travel expenses
Applicants are encouraged to submit a fully itemised budget of the proposed study which may include some funding provided by the applicant’s own faith community
Funds are not normally provided for programmes already undertaken


Applications must be made on the Application Form available on the website.

Funding Rounds close on 31 March and 31 August each year.

Where means allow, individual applicants are encouraged and group applicants are expected to make a financial contribution towards the total cost of the project.

Recipients are expected to provide a report on the project funded. This report may be written or oral and may include visual elements, stories, evaluations or any other appropriate form or content. If an applicant is not able to report in English, an interpreter can be arranged. No subsequent applications by the same person or group will be funded until a report has been received.

Applications will be considered on a case by case and round by round basis, and will be prioritised only against applications in the same round. However, unsuccessful applicants will have the opportunity to resubmit for subsequent rounds.

How are Highbury Street Fund applications assessed?

A committee, appointed by the Uniting Church in Australia’s Mission and Leadership Development Board, will assess and prioritise applications using the following criteria:

"In funding this application…

    • Will leadership be supported and developed?
    • Will a community or communities be better led?
    • Will the mission of God be furthered?
    • Are the aims of the education program consistent with the values expressed in “We are a multicultural Church” (UCA statement to the Nation, 1985)?
    • Will mission and ministry in culturally and linguistically diverse settings be furthered?
    • Will this build capacity beyond the event or education program?"

Application Forms

Highbury Street Terms of Reference

More Information

For further information or assistance with applications contact 8236 4243 or mr@sa.uca.org.au