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In the reflection this week, Uniting Church members are invited to share a prayer for National Missing Persons Week (30 July - 5 August) contributed by Senior Constable Robyn Ferraro from Missing Persons Investigation Section (148) of the South Australia Police.

We gather to give thanks for God's presence in all of creation.

O God, You are the Good Shepherd, the one who seeks out those who are lost.

Today we remember persons listed as missing.

They are someone's family; they are also our missing brothers and sisters.

They are people who are hurt, troubled and confused; some are exploited and are victims of violence and conflict.

Some are victims of domestic strife, or have mental health problems.

Some are unable cope with shame, guilt, or failure.

We do not always know the reason.

We remember the families of missing persons and those who are bewildered, grieved and worried.

We remember families plagued by the uncertainty associated with loved ones who are missing.

We give thanks for those who search for missing persons;

police, auxiliary agencies and families.

Strengthen them with courage and perseverance.

Bless those who offer support and hope.

Loving God; comfort all who are effected by separation and who are plagued by uncertainty.

Bless and guide all who are involved in managing and resolving missing person cases.

We ask this through Christ our Lord who suffers with all creation and whose presence begets reconciliation, peace and hope.



This prayer was originally shared through the South Australian Council of Churches newsletter.


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