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Loving Father God, You know all about sacrifice. You know about loss. You know about suffering. You feel it, Father God. Anzac Day has a lot of mixed feelings for us. So I pray:

For those who served.

For Australians who fell.

For families who waited to never see again.

For families forever traumatised by war and oppression.

For Australians who today risk much.

For families who wait today in hope.

For those striving for peace and security in the world.

For military personnel and families and support services sacrificing much.

Renew them in certain hope of Jesus' resurrection. Comfort their pain and trauma. Strengthen the ties that bring peace. Guide their best intentions. And bring them home safe.

This Anzac Day, we remember them. We pray for peace in our time and generation, for the Glory of God and the renewal of all things in Christ. Amen.


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Reflection of the week

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