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UnitingWomen 2016 launched

Moderator Dr Deidre Palmer has officially launched the 2016 UnitingWomen conference, announcing opening speaker Khadija Gbla.


A call for action on climate change

Rev Prof Andrew Dutney and Rev Elenie Poulos have welcomed Pope Francis’s encyclical letter on the environment, Laudato Si.


Building on our history

Uniting College for Leadership & Theology is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Uniting Church SA Historical Society.


Warmth for the winter

Hang it up for Poverty raises awareness about homelessness in South Australia and provides practical ways for people to help.


Hope and health during Refugee Week

Refugee Week is an opportunity to recognise the great contributions that so many refugees have made to the vibrant and diverse Australian community.


Tradition: Adelaide Congress

Rev Dean Whittaker discusses the role of tradition in the life of Adelaide Congress in Salisbury North. (A shorter, edited version appeared in the June edition of New Times.)


New Times - June 2015

The June 2015 edition of New Times is now available to view online or pick up in churches. The theme for the edition is "Tradition".


The "r and r" of ecotheology

My thinking about ecotheology has brought me to a deep sense of “r and r” – not rest and recreation, but reverence and respect. It wasn’t always that way for me.


Wider recognition

In 2015, the Effective Living Centre has invited Tanya Hosch, the Joint Campaign Director for the Recognise campaign, to give the Wilks Oration on Friday 12 June.


Living on little in Mae La

Life for Than and the many others like him is tough. Confined to the refugee camp without an official way to earn a living, he relies on food rations to survive.


One night, six locations

Live Life Loud, the ecumenical youth worship evening run annually in SA, continues to grow each year. On Friday 12 June young people will gather across six venues.


Parenting for peace

Raising children can be tricky at the best of times. The challenge is to recognise that conflict is inevitable in any relationship and to teach our children to be peacemakers. Here are some ways to parent for peace.


Dollars & Sense - June 2015

Dollars & Sense is a quarterly newsletter produced by the Uniting Church SA Resources team and seeks to provide helpful articles to congregations and church office bearers. The June 2015 edition of the newsletter is now available online.


Teaching people to lead

The Uniting Church SA's Pilgrimage of Healing will be held during Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June) again this year.


Finding truth through multiplicity

The stories that we hear about places and people are frequently told from only one perspective – the perspective of those in positions of power.


Life imitates art in Clouds of Sils Maria

The last several years have seen an influx of films about the intricacies of show business. Clouds of Sils Maria is the most recent addition to this genre and provides an intimate study of character and relationship.


Convention inspires

The National Youth Ministry Convention will provide a time of learning and growth for youth leaders in October this year.


New Times - May 2015

The May 2015 edition of New Times is now available to view online or pick up in churches. The theme for the edition is "Story".