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Reflection of a 2nd Gen Migrant on Harmony Day

"The most confronting for me was to look around the room and see about 290 ‘white’ people and half a dozen indigenous people, and one other Asian who was new, like me." Rev Dr Amelia Koh-Butler reflects on Harmony Day (21 March), diversity and 'the other'.


The importance of church planting

Since the launch of Generate 2021, the new church planting initiative of the Uniting Church SA, Rev Dr Graham Humphris has had many questions to answer – most commonly, why plant new churches when existing ones are declining?


Reflection of the week

This week's reflection focuses on the call to be peacemakers - on Harmony Day (21 March) and every other day.


Proclaiming the gospel with our ears

Chaplains touch the lives of many. For this article, New Times spoke to army chaplain Rev David Prior about his experiences of chaplaincy and the connection it builds between the church and the wider community.


Being that ‘god-person’

"People are at their most vulnerable in hospital; life seems precarious and there is a lot of time to think. In these moments, chaplains can be a symbol of something bigger." Rev Leanne Jenski reflects on the importance of hospital chaplaincy.


Being bold for change

The Uniting Church in Australia is home to many strong female leaders. New Times speaks to Dr Deidre Palmer and Rev Sandy Boyce about leadership, change and gender parity on International Women's Day.


Celebrating 10 years of service and song

The Adelaide West Men's Choir are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, they have raised funds for many different organisations and charitable causes. Read more about their heart for music and mission in this article.


Reflection of the week

This week's reflection focuses on conflict, reconciliation and the wisdom found in Matthew 5:23-24.


The untold stories

"I am a storyteller, drawn to those stories that often go untold and those people who often go unheard." Alexandra Bingham writes about her experiences with UnitingWorld's international partners, the importance of storytelling, and how to get involved over Lent.


It's a piece of cake!

The Uniting Church in Australia has strongly supported ministry in remote regions for many years, particularly through Patrol Ministries. Frontier Services has launched a new campaign to support this vital work.


To 40 and beyond

Stuart McMillan, the President of the Uniting Church in Australia Assembly, reflects on the 40th anniversary of the church, the "All of this is us" tagline, and related events taking place in the coming months.