Host a CommUnity Day event

CommUnity Day

What are CommUnity Days?

The Uniting Church in South Australia believes we are better together. We also believe that love is best when shared, rather than being hidden away and dusted off only for special occasions.

CommUnity Days have been created to assist Uniting Church SA congregations in connecting and building relationships with the wider community, by holding local events to meet local needs or interests. A CommUnity Day event can be anything your church imagines – from barbeques to craft afternoons, bike rides to Devonshire teas: new events as well as events that are already planned or have been undertaken in previous years with a new twist or highlight. Events are created and operated by individual congregations or groups at any time throughout the year, with promotional assistance available from the Uniting Church SA Communications team.

CommUnity Day provides an opportunity to connect, build relationships, engage, celebrate community, have fun and share Christ’s message and love with others.

Why take part in CommUnity Days?

The Uniting Church in SA frequently offers events and services to benefit the local community. CommUnity Days provides an opportunity to share these events and services with those in the wider local community who may be unaware of their existence.

CommUnity Days is not about just holding an event – it’s about seeing where God is at work and joining in, recognising a need in the local community and assisting to fulfil it. It also provides an opportunity to celebrate the good stuff that is already happening in communities. CommUnity Days provides a practical way to share the good news of Jesus and demonstrate God’s love for all people. CommUnity Day events provide a chance for churches to work together and participate in something fun and life-affirming, and provides opportunities to form stronger bonds with people in the broader Uniting Church and the wider community. 

Who can take part in CommUnity Days?

Everyone is welcome to host or take part in CommUnity Days, but it is specifically designed as a way for churches to connect with people in their local community.

You may decide to aim your event at a particular age group, playing to the strengths of your church and the people within it. Some groups to consider are:

  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • People for whom English is a second language
  • Newcomers to Australia
  • People with special needs
  • Young adults
  • Elderly people
  • Young families
  • Mums and dads
  • Grandparents

This event provides an opportunity to gather together to welcome, encourage,feed, inform, entertain and connect with people from the wider community.

When is CommUnity Day?

A CommUnity Day event can be held any time throughout the year. The official day of celebration is 22 June, which coincides with the anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia which was established on that day in 1977. In previous years we've focussed on a window around this date for CommUnity Day events, but this year we've widened the window to allow congregations to include any event in their annual calendar under the CommUnity Day banner.

Where are CommUnity Days?

CommUnity Days can take place just about anywhere. Of course, your church is a great place to start, but there are many places that may suit the theme of your event - perhaps a local park or schoolground, a sporting complex or a shopping centre carpark? Consider ways of going out into the community and meeting people where they are. 

How can you register for CommUnity Days?

Contact the communications team for a CommUnity Days registration form. Once completed, send to: GPO Box 2145, Adelaide SA 5001

For further information or to request a form, ring (08) 8236 4249 or email

We want to share in your celebrations!

Using the contact details above, send the Communications team photos of your event to feature on the CommUnity Day website, the Uniting Church SA website or our social media pages. We want your event to be shared with and enjoyed by the wider Uniting Church in SA and beyond. (Please remember to obtain the appropriate permission from those pictured.)