Feeling Blue

The holiday season is not always a joyful one. For some, the call to celebrate rings hollow.

Some Uniting Church congregations offer 'Feeling Blue' services. These provide a time of reflection for people experiencing loss, grief, depression or isolation this Christmas.

If you would like to connect with one of these services, please browse below to find a location close to you where a Feeling Blue service is being held.

Ardrossan - Ardrossan Uniting Church
Bridgewater - Bridgewater Uniting Church
Broadview - Broadview Uniting Church
Croydon Park - Croydon Park Uniting Church
Highgate - Rosefield Uniting Church
Kimba - Kimba Uniting Church
Mount Gambier SA - Mount Gambier Uniting Church
Para Hills - Para Hills Uniting Church