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Uniting Communities announces redevelopment

8 Aug 2015

Uniting Communities has recently announced a redevelopment of its land holdings on the corner of Pitt and Franklin Street. Demolition of the existing site will begin in May 2016 with the first stage of the new development due for completion in early 2018.

Following the announcement, the Uniting Church along with Uniting Communities have compiled a Q&A statement to address questions and queries around the redevelopment process.

Why undertake this redevelopment?

The current building is tired, it requires significant maintenance and upgrading of its facilities. In its current state, the building no longer supports the wide range of services Uniting Communities now offers.  By redeveloping the existing site, Uniting Communities can better tailor the building to meet the greatest needs of those in the Adelaide community who seek their services.

Uniting Communities also plans to build on the 114 years of Methodist and Uniting Church presence that has always existed at the current site. It will work to revitalise this presence, ensuring that elements are retained to preserve the rich history of being an inner city church and mission.

What will happen to the church in the building?

The church and its adjoining building will be demolished to make room for a new building with Stage 1 released in early 2018. Uniting Communities have included a 500-600 seat auditorium in the new architectural design which will incorporate a regular worshipping Uniting Church community.

Current church occupants, House International Church will relocate prior to the build beginning in May 2016. This church is currently in conversations with the wider Uniting Church about how it will progress into the future.

How will Uniting Communities carry on the work of Maughan and the Mission?

Uniting Communities vision is for “a compassionate, respectful and just community in which all people participate and flourish.”  This reflects the values and words expressed by Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

What is the Uniting Church’s involvement with the redevelopment?

The Adelaide Central Mission property, which included Maughan Church was gifted by the Methodist Church to the Mission.  This means that Uniting Communities is now the beneficial owner of the whole site and is responsible for its current and future use. This situation differs to the situation of congregations and the Property Trust.


Both the Uniting Church and Uniting Communities understand that many within the Uniting Church community will be affected by the changes occurring on the site. There will be a time to celebrate the rich history of the Maughan Church in the future and also an opportunity to direct any questions or queries to the Moderator and the staff at Uniting Communities. The Moderator welcomes email queries to moderator@sa.uca.org.au and Uniting Communities welcomes emails direct to Rev Peter McDonald peterm@unitingcommunities.org  or telephone (08) 8202 5111.

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