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Uniting College welcomes Rev Christy Capper and welcomes back Rev Prof Andrew Dutney as Principal

3 Feb 2016

The Uniting College for Leadership & Theology welcomes two new faces to its faculty.

The College is pleased to announce the return of Rev Prof Andrew Dutney to the role of Principal, taking over from Craig Bailey who has been acting in the role for the past few months.

The College will also welcome Rev Christy Capper as the new Director of Missiology. Christy will commence in the role from 1 July, 2016, spending half of her time in the position, and the other half working on applied ministry projects as part of the Uniting Church SA Mission Resourcing team. 

Christy is an Anglican priest currently residing and working in Melbourne, and is currently completing her PhD in “authenticity”. She was ordained as a Deacon in February 2015 and as a priest in November 2015. She currently holds the Turner Doctoral Fellowship at Trinity College’s theological school, where she currently tutors. In her studies, Christy has a particular interest in theological anthropology, and a theology of inauthenticity and its relationship to a theology of sin.

In the past, Christy has worked in youth and young adult ministry, and she currently works for St Paul’s Cathedral.

In a joint statement, Rev Prof Andrew Dutney (Principal, Uniting College) and Rev Dr Amelia Koh-Butler (Executive Officer, Mission Resourcing) said:

“We are delighted Christy has accepted this call to serve in an ecumenical setting, further our common call to equip God’s people to engage in God’s mission.”

Rev Prof Andrew Dutney also commented on his own return to the college after a three-year placement as President of the Uniting Church in Australia.

“The extraordinary experiences of my term as President have changed me,” reflects Andrew. “But I’ve found that Uniting College has changed while I’ve been away too. So it feels like a fresh start. That’s exciting and energising for me.

“I’m really enjoying getting to know my new team and the communities we serve, and I’m looking forward to discerning with them what we can do to help the Uniting Church in SA be the kind of church that God is calling us to be.” 

In 2016, Andrew will teach two first semester subjects– “Introduction to Christian Thought” and “The Gift of Forgiveness” and a second semester subject titled “Theology of Jesus Christ, Word and Saviour”.  

Recently, Andrew has been working on several books, including People, Places and Planes: Presidential Field Notes and Reflections and a fully revised, expanded 30th anniversary edition of his first book, Manifesto for Renewal. He also wrote the introduction and is currently editing a book by Davis McCaughey, Commentary on the Basis of Union.

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