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Presbytery and Synod office refurbishment announced

26 Aug 2016

The Presbytery and Synod office located at Level 2, 212 Pirie Street will be refurbished for the first time since it was initially occupied over 15 years ago. The project due for completion in early 2017 will provide significant improvements to productivity, security, energy efficiencies and use of space.

Beside some minor office partitioning work and general maintenance, the Level 2 floor has been left untouched and many areas and furnishings are now way beyond their useful life expectancy.

Currently the Level 2 office is using the same amount of power on the Ground floor and Level 1 combined. In 2015, the Presbytery and Synod office installed solar panels on the building roof, their use will now be maximised with the efficiencies incorporated into the new concept plan.

Uniting Church CEO/General Secretary, Rev Nigel Rogers said the newly refurbished workplace will increase efficiencies, collaboration and innovative thinking.

 “Improvements in office layout and design will provide opportunities for staff and volunteers to be more collaborative, incorporating more open plan areas which maximise the use of space whilst providing access to greater light and air flow. 

“Additional meeting spaces will allow for increased accessibility, provide more opportunities for training and development and improve the way we incorporate technology and communication in our meetings.

“Importantly, the project will not impact on the Mission and Service Fund.  The refurbishment project will be funded by an allocation from UC Invest and monies in the direct property fund .”

The most disruptive renovations will be scheduled around the Christmas/New Year holiday period whilst staff are on leave to prevent additional staff relocation costs.

For more information or queries contact the CEO/General Secretary, gensec@sa.uca.og.au.

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