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Notification of Cancellation of NYALC

22 Jul 2020

The National Youth Adults Leaders Conference (NYALC) is scheduled to be held in Janurary 2021. The conference draws key young adult leaders from across Australia, from many diverse cultural groups, from within the Uniting Church in Australia. Young adults are hosted by The President, Deidre Palmer of the Uniting Church in Australia and the Chairperson of The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress and are led by a team of gifted mentors, leaders and peer leaders.

Deidre Palmer writes to advise that due to COVID-19, the volatility of our current health situation in Australia and the neccessary community safety measures, the Assembly is cancelling the Young Adult Leaders Conference.

Letter regarding the cancellation of NYALC

However, the President will be hosting 7 Roundtable videoconference gathering with groups of 12-15 over the next 6 months. The President will be sending out invitations for youngs adults to gather with her. 

Please contact Deidre at: president@nat.uca.org.au if you or a young adult you know, would be interested in connecting through these roundtable videoconference gatherings. 

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