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Marching for Paris: Adelaide Marches for Action on Jobs, Justice and Climate

28 Nov 2015

What: Thousands to march in Adelaide for jobs, justice and a safe climate on the eve of United Nations climate change negotiations in Paris as part of a global mobilisation.

Where: Adjacent to Torrens Parade Ground marching to Victoria Square
When: Sunday November 29, 11am
Those attending: Thousands of people, banners, live entertainment including The Audreys and The Borderers, speakers available for comment, cherry picker available for aerial photos/film

Thousands are expected to march for jobs, justice and a safe climate in Adelaide on the eve of the United Nations climate change negotiations in Paris, joining the million people expected to march around the world over the weekend. Adelaide’s march will be a family friendly event attended by a diverse range of people from all walks of life.

The march will be led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to recognise the impacts climate change will have and is already having on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are on the frontlines of the impacts of climate change and fossil fuels. Caring for country means we
shouldn't be digging it up," Janette Milera from #SOSBlakAustralia said.

The need for a just transition for workers in high polluting industries to clean jobs is a major focus of the march, following the unplanned early closure of the Port Augusta power station.

“We need to take action in South Australia, Australia and around the world to address the very real impact that climate change is having on workers and communities as we transition to a low-carbon economy. This rapid change is already being felt in Leigh Creek and Port Augusta – these communities were cheated of a Just Transition. Let’s learn this lesson before it’s too late for others” said Joseph Scales, Secretary of the Australian Services Union SA/NT Branch.

Faith leaders from across Adelaide’s faith community will be joining the march building on the international attention given to the impacts of climate change by faith
leaders worldwide. “The Uniting Church has formally endorsed the People’s Climate March because we believe that we are called to be a part of God’s reconciliation and renewal of Creation”
said Dr Deidre Palmer, Moderator of the Uniting Church in South Australia. Dr Palmer recently returned from a tour of our neighbours in the Pacific Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu where she observed first-hand that “Climate change is a threat to this goal, and is already harming those who are least responsible. An important part of the response is a shift away from fossil fuels towards
renewable energy”. She will be joined by Imam Ensar Cutahojar to speak on behalf of all faiths after the March.

The global impacts of climate change on health, food security and development will be highlighted with major aid organisations joining the march.
“Those who did the least to cause the problem are feeling the impacts first and hardest, like our sisters and brothers in the Pacific. Australia needs to support and work together with
the world’s poorest communities and our Pacific neighbours to confront the challenges of rising sea levels and extreme weather, and build a more stable future for everyone” stated Judee Adams Community Campaigner with Oxfam.

The march is calling for a just transition to 100% renewable energy, a move beyond fossil fuels and support for those most impacted by climate change. "It's critical that we justly transition out of
the fossil fuel industry to clean energy and stop the senseless push to expand this polluting industry immediately. Given what we now know about dangerous climate change, our Governments expanding the fossil fuel industry into areas like the Great Australian Bight and central Australia is an immoral act of vandalism upon the future," said Wilderness Society South Australia
Director Peter Owen.

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