UC e-News

UC e-News is the weekly email newsletter of the Uniting Church SA. It seeks to connect the Uniting Church SA community and help our church members communicate with each other - it's part of our core activity of Uniting People.

UC e-News is distributed weekly on Tuesday afternoon. Items for UC e-News must be sent prior to 10am on the Tuesday in which the notice needs to appear.

If you would like to submit a notice to UC e-News, please complete the UC e-News form linked here. For more information please email ucenews@sa.uca.org.au

UC e-News sections

New Times

Recent articles with timely news, comments and stories will be featured in UC e-News each week. These will be sourced from New Times online. New Times online has its own email subscription options. Find out more here.


One or two upcoming events will be highlighted in UC e-News each week. These are sourced from the upcoming events list. Please submit all events using the form here.

Spotlight on…

Each week, UC e-News will highlight a particular program, resource or other initiative from the Synod office, a congregation or faith community. These will sometimes be sourced from notices submitted via the UC e-News form here.

News & notices

Notices submitted using the UC e-News form will be included in the weekly "News & notices", which are published on New Times online and listed in UC e-News.

Positions Vacant

For a position vacant to be advertised on UC eNews, there is an associated admin fee of $55.00 for which will be invoiced to you. The position would be featured for two consecutive weeks in UC eNews.

The fee also includes a Facebook promotion where the Engagement Team will make up a Facebook advert to be posted to our SA Synod Facebook Page. If you have already had your own Facebook post about this, we can share it from your Facebook page. The Facebook promotion is optional so please advise engagement@sa.uca.org.au to advertise on Facebook too.

For your position to be listed on the website (https://sa.uca.org.au/uc-positions-vacant/current-positions/) , please contact the Engagement Team on engagement@sa.uca.org.au for more information.

Reflection of the week

The "Reflection of the week" is published on New Times online with a link also provided in UC e-News.

Previous editions

Please click a link below to view any UC E-News sent in the last two months. All emails will open in a new window.