Synod Resourcing Expo Events

September to November 2021

All six of the planned Synod Resourcing Expos have now been held across South Australia.

The events have included the keynote presentation from Rev Canon Dave Male which has inspired discussion across the church. The variety of workshops and presentations have been a great opportunity for the Uniting Church to seek to engage in important discussions including: What's next for our church? And can we go forward in a different way?

Thanks to all for your willing participation. 



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Between September and November 2021, the Synod held six expo events throughout South Australia.

These events were designed to engage and to act as a catalyst for the church to participate in important discussions both from within and beyond the church in South Australia. Included in the format of each expo was a host of workshops and information that will ultimately assist us all to take another step in pursuing God’s plans for the church. In the regional areas, time was taken to learn more from each other, sharing stories of challenge and hope.

The theme of ‘Chasing the wind of the Spirit’, speaks to God’s activity already occurring around us and the Spirit calling us to follow to where God’s mission is taking the church; making disciples to be part of God’s mission in congregations and through connections with local communities. To quote Paul Dearborn, ‘It’s not the church of God that has a mission, it is the God of Mission who has a church.’

All were made welcome at the expos which also featured food vendors and community groups who were encouraged to participate during the breaks. All expos were free to attend and open to church groups and individuals who may or may not be regularly involved in church. The aim was to connect people while at the same time resourcing them in areas of interest and passion.

This was a milestone event for the Synod and not just another set of conferences or meetings. The church was never supposed to be just for Sundays, it is a pursuit of a higher purpose that connects with our world, an opportunity to identify and partner in God’s mission locally.

God’s mission is exciting and will take us to places that we never imagined.

For further information about the Synod Expos, please contact the Mission Resourcing team: