Strategic Plan

In 2020 the Uniting Church Synod of SA has embarked on a journey to identify its key missional priorities and direction (Strategic Plan) for the next 3-5 years.

'The Synod' includes presbyteries, congregations and other ministries, staff, leaders, committees, boards, resources and councils seeking to be the activity of God in the world.

We are a diverse and complex organisation and such a journey compels us to be collaborative and to engage with as many groups of people as possible. A Working Group has been formed and is intentionally seeking to explore where you believe God is calling the Synod to give emphasis to its life and witness at this time.

The Working Group members are:

  • Rev Andrew Robertson
  • Rev Felicity Amery
  • Rev Sue Page
  • Tracey Bost
  • Moderator Bronte Wilson
  • Ashlee Littleford
  • Rev Dr Ian Price
  • Rev Nick Patselis
  • Leanne Davis
  • Bridget Ransome.

Over the coming months there will be the opportunity to engage with the Synod in a variety of ways as we seek to identify and understand the key themes that will form the basis of the next Strategic Plan.

Our first step is the creation of a survey and we welcome you to provide your feedback via the survey and to join conversations being planned over the coming months. The questions before us are designed to encourage us to understand clearly the roles and responsibilities of the Synod and to prayerfully discern together what God might be saying to the church at this time.

What are we learning about the Uniting Church in South Australia at this time?

How do we understand the roles and functions of the Synod?

What do we think the missional, property and educational priorities need to be in the next 3-5 years?

We are very keen to hear from you. Your survey responses will help us shape the foci of the Synod going forward and if you would like to have a further conversation with a member of the Working Group, you can include your contact details at the end of the survey.

To go to the survey, please click here.