Strategic Plan

The current Strategic Plan of the Uniting Church SA will operate from 2013 through to the end of 2019. 

The resulting key directions were then announced at the November 2012 Presbytery and Synod Meeting. After some slight modifications, a small group of Standing Committee members has begun work to progress them.

Two of the new key directions are aimed at the Presbytery and Synod congregations, while the other two will be undertaken primarily by ministry centres. This is a change from the 2007-2012 Strategic Plan which was largely encompassed by the ministry centres.

  1. Build and deepen trusting relationships, in response to the gospel of Jesus the Christ.
  2. In gratitude, affirm and celebrate the signs of God working in the world through the gifts and strengths of the UCA in SA.
  3. Remind, refresh and resource the whole church regarding our foundational values and behaviours.
  4. For the Presbytery, Synod and Ministry Centres; engage and resource the church to address key issues that will shape the future of the church in the next 10 years.

More information will be made available here as work progresses on the plan.


To download a copy of the plan in A4 please click the picture above or the link below: