Our logos

The Uniting Church emblemUniting Church

The logo, or emblem, of the Uniting Church in Australia shows:

  • the cross of Jesus Christ
  • standing over a darkened world
  • the Holy Spirit - symbolised by the dove with the wings of flame
  • the wide U at the bottom points to the fact that we are uniting; as a semicircle it reminds us that the renewing of the church and the world are incomplete.

The current version of UC logo/ emblem which has been approved by the Assembly Standing Committee can be downloaded here.

Uniting People

The Uniting Church Uniting People logoThe logo or the Uniting Church in SA adds to this, declaring that the business of the Uniting Church is one of Uniting People - with each other, with the gospel, with hope.

Logo library

Various file types of the Uniting Church emblem and the Uniting Church. Uniting People. logo are available to meet your print/display needs. Usage must comply with the official guidelines set out below.

Please contact the Communications Unit for access to logo files communications@sa.uca.org.au