Property Sales Handbook

The Presbytery and Synod of the Uniting Church in South Australia approved a new Property By-Law and Property Sale Proceeds Policy (PSPP) by resolution of the Annual Meeting of the Presbytery and Synod on 30 October 2015. This by-law and policy is effective for all Proposals to Sell received after 30 June 2016. 

This Property Sales Handbook has been prepared to assist congregations with the considerations and processes regarding sale of all real estate property. This includes the changing context that congregations now find themselves in, principles of the current Property By-law and Property Sale Proceeds Policy, discerning God’s purpose and mission planning in our current context, who to contact and guidelines for sale processes.

Handbook Contents

Handbook 5.5 e-Application Proposal to sell - manse replacement (1019 kb PDF)

Handbook 5.6 e-Application Proposal to sell- church, land, manse not replaced (1 mb PDF)