Presbytery and Synod

The Uniting Church in Australia is organised not in a hierarchy, but with groups (often a mix of men and women, lay and ordained) making decisions, usually by consensus, in each area of the church's life. In South Australia the church is overseen and supported by the Presbytery and Synod.


Each state in Australia has a state council known as a Synod. The role of the Synod is to support community services, mission planning, theological education and administration relating to finance, property and ministers.

The Synod operates under the Synod By-laws for South Australia.


A presbytery is a council of the Uniting Church which has oversight of congregations, ministry and programs within a region. Notably the placement of ministers, establishment, amalgamation and disbanding of congregations and support of congregational life are all part of the Presbytery's role.

All of South Australia is currently organised as a single Presbytery with additional congregational support and resourcing being offered by Mission Networks.

The Presbytery operates under the Presbytery rules for South Australia.

Mission Networks

Mission Networks are uniquely deployed in South Australia to resource and support congregations who have a similar ethos but aren't necessarily close geographically (such as those in a Presbytery would be). There are currently nine mission networks in operation in South Australia.

List of mission networks along with contact people and details.

National Assembly

The national body of the Uniting Church is known as Assembly. Assembly's role is to support the Uniting Church, its agencies and associated organisations throughout Australia. The Consitution and Regulations of the Assembly are available on the National Assembly website.