About postcard campaigns

The Communications team works in partnership with local churches to increase the profile the church and Christian message in South Australian communities.

Since 2003, we've produced postcards at Easter and Christmas to help congregations in promoting their services and special events at these two popular times on the Christian calendar. The cards are a low-cost, high-quality promotional option for congregations giving the ability to reach 1,000 families for under $100.

Congregations distribute their cards in a variety of ways including personally, letterbox drops and via local shops and community centres.

The Christmas campaigns are more comprehensive with three core strategies:

  • To distribute postcards inviting people to local worship
  • To place adverts just prior to Christmas reinforcing the postcard theme and our campaign website
  • To provide a comprehensive website listing local worship times, Christmas events and information about how to get practical help at Christmas.

Our congregations report receiveing many new visitors as a direct result of receiving postcards. Website traffic also peaks as a result of these campaigns.