The theme of Rev Sue Ellis' Moderatorial term is Grow, Nurture, Flourish.

This is based on the parable of the Mustard Seed tree in Matthew’s Gospel. Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like a tiny mustard seed being planted and that grows into a huge bushy tree, where the birds of the air come and make their nests.

“The kingdom of heaven is what the church is called to be and bring to the world,” Sue says, as she calls the church to participate in her theme.

2017 was the Year of GROW. Congregations were asked to grow their relational evangelism, by inviting people to deepen their own relationships with God, one another and with people in their work and community. Growing relationships through active listening, genuine caring and respectful engagement, prepares the ground for questions of faith to be raised by people who are not in a relationship with Jesus. Our personal stories of Jesus in our lives helping us and blessing us, can bring hope and healing to others.

2018 is be the year of NURTURE, where we are called to intentionally nurture our discipleship.

2019 will be the year of FLOURISH, where we will be invited to take risks and consider creative ways of being church in our contexts.

We can nurture our discipleship through education and resources focussed on intentional discipleship. The Moderator has compiled this list of upcoming training opportunities and useful resources:

Living Water Tour, 11-14 September, 2018

Through the generous 40th Anniversary Ageing and Wellness grant and the support of Berri & Barmera Uniting Churches, the Living Water tour is being offered at the low cost of $350+GST per person (shared accommodation) or $500+GST (single accommodation). Costs include accommodation, transportation and meals. Spaces on the Living Water tour are limited. Click here to pay for the tour. Contact if you have queries regarding the Living Water tour.

UnitingWomen 2018

UnitingWomen 2018 will be a time for Christian women to gather, grow and be inspired. Held in Brisbane from 27-30 of September, UnitingWomen is a diverse event for young women, older women and women in-between. It will be a chance to share your wisdom and your story. Whether you are a traveler on the way or a seeker, at UnitingWomen you will find acceptance, encouragement and revelation as women come together in God’s name, weaving wisdom and wonder. To find out more, visit the website>

Uniting College for Leadership & Theology

College in the Community is a program of Uniting College for Leadership & Theology (UCLT) which delivers high quality theological training in local church settings in conjunction with local churches. The training can be tailored to meet the needs of host churches. Some units available include preaching, scriptures (interpret and apply), communication, group work, Gospels, Christian leadership, pastoral care (non accredited), Christian belief, Christian life, Christology, worship and Uniting Church heritage and polity. These units can be taught over 2.5 hour sessions over 4-6 weeks or over 2 full days.
Find out more about courses on the UCLT Facebook page> or contact Jessie Sanders, VET coordinator, on 8416 8421 or email

Beyond Sunday: Intro to Faith, Life & Work is an undergraduate unit focused on integrating faith with work and the wider aspects of modern life, which will be held on Wednesdays from 2pm to 5pm during Semester 2, 2018. Weekly topics cover theologies of work and rest, Christian vocation, economy and finances, culture-making and much more. For more information, please contact Uniting College on 8416 8420.

Intern Year is a program for young adults seeking to grow as disciples and live with purpose. The course is studied part-time over a year, at the end of which participants will have achieved a Certificate IV in Christian Life & Ministry. To query about the next enrolment, email Mike Wardrop at

Period of Discernment: Is God calling you to step out in a new direction in faith and ministry? Find out more here>

Customised training & ESL opportunities through Uniting College

Customised training opportunities also exist for congregations and faith communities who are interested in running a particular Uniting College course or unit within their church. If you are interested in this or would like to find out more, please contact Jessie Sanders via email at

Uniting College also offers a course about the Bible and leadership for people for whom English is a second language (ESL). This course> is designed to build the confidence and knowledge of individuals so they may feel able to study at a higher level, and to be involved in ministry in their own church. If this sounds interesting to you, or if you think it may interest someone in your church, please contact Karen Vanlint via email at

Intergen team

Resources: Nurture Faith Resources (including Four Key things parents can do to nurture faith in the home and resources for faith formation in daily family life)>

For more information about faith formation for families and for churches visit the Intergen page>


Stillpoint Spirituality Centre

Visit the website here for upcoming courses and retreats.