Safe-Tea Break – Easter Camps and COVID-19 Safety

By Wayne Booth, WHS Coordinator

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After 2 years of dealing with COVID-19, numerous directions, COVID Safe Plans and testing, quarantine and isolation requirements, most of us would welcome the opportunity just to get away from it all for a short while at least. Easter is a time when some of our congregations will look to do just that by heading out on an Easter Camp to share in this time of celebration together as a church family.

Whilst there are currently no specific restrictions on camping, and as SA Health are expecting peak case numbers during April, it is important that camp organisers still plan for and manage the risks of COVID-19. The following are provided as a few COVID-Safe things to consider:

  • Symptoms (before and during) – campers should be reminded not to attend if they have symptoms and you should have a clear plan in the event someone presents with symptoms during the event. Campers should be isolated from others if symptomatic and parents who are not present must be contacted as for any other illness or injury.

  • Volunteers, leadership and supervision – ensure there are enough experienced and competent people to run the event and activities safely. A COVID marshal(s) should be considered during any large indoor activities.

  • Activities – group activities are held outdoor where possible or appropriately distanced and masked if held indoor.

  • Hygiene – promote high standards of personal (hand washing) and food hygiene particularly if cooking and eating together.

  • Sleeping arrangements – tents and caravans are considered indoor spaces therefore where families are not camping together, campers should camp separately or in pairs to minimise close contacts and potential spread of the virus.

The following is a link to the ‘Event and Activity Safety’ guidance area available on the UCSA website for further safety information and resources:

If you would like to discuss this or any other WHS related matters, I work Tuesday – Thursday at the Synod office and can be contacted on email at or by phone on 8236 4214.

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