Resthaven Marion resident continues his ‘life’s calling’

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Resthaven Marion resident, Reverend Dr Sidney Green, is just as comfortable preaching to the congregation as he is amongst the pews.

A retired Minister of the Anglican Church, Sidney has been assisting one of Resthaven’s Coordinating Chaplains, Reverend Steve Blacket, at Marion for the past few months, and when Steve was on leave, Sidney ran the service. Sidney also runs a small weekly Fellowship and Bible Study group, and provides support at his own church, St Jude’s at Brighton, as needed.

‘I officially retired in 2004,’ Sidney says with a laugh. ‘But, I just love it. I enjoy preaching and it’s a good chance to keep the grey cells working.’

Since running some of the services at Resthaven Marion, Sidney says that he has become known to the other residents and that they sometimes seek him out for a chat.

‘We are all here together,’ Sidney says. ‘And we have all had to face the fact that we are here because we need additional care and support. It’s a life experience we all share and it’s good to talk about it.’

The congregation at Resthaven is ecumenical, with people coming together from different Christian churches to practice their faith.

‘It’s a bit different from when I was an Anglican Priest preaching to an Anglican Congregation,’ Sidney says. ‘People come to church for many different reasons. Some for the company and for something to do, while others come to worship and for spiritual healing and comfort. The key is to make the service accessible to all so that it has value for everyone who attends. I love that. It’s how it should be.’

At Resthaven, Sidney says his aim is to be ‘as helpful as possible.’

Resthaven Marion’s Lifestyle Coordinator, Tamara Jacquier, says Sidney has developed a wonderful rapport with the other residents.

‘We receive many compliments on his behalf about his caring and kind nature,’ Tamara says. ‘He is a great example of someone who is supported to continue (as Sidney would say) “his life’s calling.”’


Adapted from an article by Resthaven 28th June 2024.

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