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New Times recently published an article titled "Queensland Moderator addresses media claims of congregations’ intention to split from the Uniting Church" on Wednesday 28 November. The article referenced a Gold Coast Bulletin article which published a number of misrepresentations and inaccuracies. Whilst the article acknowledged the inaccuracies, it was decided to remove the New Times article to eliminate any further misrepresentation. 


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Comments (3)

  1. Scott Butyon 29 november 2018, 09:09(Comment was edited) Link
    Why publish this article? It is irrelevant to SA. Now dead in Qld. Just creates anxt. Also where is the positive news of the Kingdom adavancing in SA. If you want some positive stories ring Hope Valley Church and ask about our kids ministry or ministry with seniors. Ring Karen Vanlint via the college and ask about the Vietnamese student now having an impact back in Vietnam.
    1. Philip Golding 29 november 2018, 09:11(Comment was edited) Link
      Christ's Love was and is grounded in real relationships and inclusion, not the doctrinal or group dismissal of 10% of our population. The Assembly was correct to provide choice for local Congregations and Ministers rather than Papal or Puritan exclusion In relation to the Australian Marriage Act.
      1. Barry Littleford 29 november 2018, 11:31(Comment was edited) Link
        This is such a disappointing and misleading article. With all the good things going on you choose to bring up this up. The Gold Coast bulletin article is behind a pay wall so people can’t read it. No one who it references has been contacted about its truth, the Moderater of Qld has said said it’s all made up. Why would a Uniting News service perpetualate a lie.
        1. Bill Harris 29 november 2018, 16:47(Comment was edited) Link
          If a congregation feels a need to leave because of the Assembly decision then they ought to just go. They are unwilling to uphold the inclusive nature of the Uniting Church and want an exclusive church of their own.
          1. webmaster 05 december 2018, 11:33(Comment was edited) Link
            Comments were edited to display when the title of the article was changed.