New Times - May 2015

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The May 2015 edition of New Times is now available to view online or pick up in churches. The theme for the edition is "Story":

Narratives are central in much of Jesus’ teachings throughout the Bible and continue to be used widely in the Uniting Church today. Stories help us to share, teach and connect with one another. They help us to express our faith in a wide variety of ways. Each member of the Uniting Church has their own unique story to tell. This edition of New Times provides an avenue for people across the breadth of the church to share and teach one another, expressing our faith and spirituality in all its diverse forms.

Highlights from the edition include an article about Congress pilgrimages and the upcoming Pilgrimage of Healing (pages 8-9), the story of a Frontier Services minister/pilot (pages 12-13), information about upcoming songwriting and worship training sessions in Adelaide (page 13) and much more.

Read the edition online here or download a pdf of the edition here.

To find out more about New Times - including current and past editions, deadlines and theme for future editions, advertising prices and more - please visit the New Times page.

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