New Times - June 2015

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The June 2015 edition of New Times is now available to view online or pick up in churches. The theme for the edition is "Tradition":

This edition of New Times focusses on the history and traditions of the Uniting Church and its South Australian communities. While some traditions we keep are empowering and strengthen faith, others are kept up out of habit or a desire to recapture the past. Articles featured explore the role of traditions, including how they are sustained and created by Uniting Church SA individuals and congregations.

Highlights from the edition include a series of short pieces about how different congregations engage (or do not engage) with traditional styles of worship and being church (pages 10-12), an exploration of the role of tradition within families (page 13), an update on the new Playford Uniting Church building (pages 23-24) and much more.

Read the edition online here or download a pdf of the edition here.

To find out more about New Times - including current and past editions, deadlines and theme for future editions, advertising prices and more - please visit the New Times page.


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