KCO Updates


We have had a number of queries about reimbursement. The KCO Office will be in contact about finances regarding KCO soon.

Practical Next Steps for Leaders

1. I encourage you to file helpfully any notes and planning so that you’ll have them ready to go for when we next run KCO. Please ensure any emails or printed documents with people’s personal information are securely stored, deleted or shredded as they are no longer needed.

2. Please keep your Group Kits. You are welcome to either: a. Use these items for KCO at home (information and ideas below) b. Or hold on to the wrist bands, iron on transfers and badges (we can reuse these at our next KCO) and recycle the A3 promo poster, offering posters, offering envelopes, car park pass and small group leaders guides (these will all need reprinting).

3. If you’ve purchased food and other supplies for KCO, perhaps consider a) sharing these with members of your church community or b) making these items available for those isolated and unable to get to the shops, perhaps making hampers or c) donating items to food pantries or local care agencies.

Resourcing for KCO in homes

You might like to consider holding KCO at home. Encourage campers to put the iron-on transfer on their red/yellow/green t-shirt. Give out the KCO connect badges. If you want, wear the wrist bands too!

The KCO songs are available here. <unitingchurchsa.cmail20.com/t/j-l-qbjdhk-aitchktr-v

We have adapted the Small Group Leader’s Guide for sessions 1, 2 and 3. Download the two page overview of the changes to use with the printed guide that was provided in your Group Kits, here. <unitingchurchsa.cmail20.com/t/j-l-qbjdhk-aitchktr-e>

You can download the original Small Group Leaders guide here. <unitingchurchsa.cmail20.com/t/j-l-qbjdhk-aitchktr-s>

We have also adapted the Notebook as a “Notebook for KCO at home”. This can be downloaded here. <unitingchurchsa.cmail20.com/t/j-l-qbjdhk-aitchktr-g>

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