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“Have a fair trade Easter”

It’s that chocolatey time of year when we all get excited about Easter indulgence that goes alongside our pinnacle point in the Christian faith: the story of death and resurrection. Let us spare a thought for those who either reap the benefits (or the lack of) from our Easter shopping. What we do can and does make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small.

Buying fair trade at Easter is critically important to ensure that your money goes to the hands of those that need it most. The bigger companies are responding to our demands so it IS working. Not only have Cadbury come on board with a Fair trade selection of chocolate but Haigh’s has reached 70% of their cocoa as UTZ certified. That is worth celebrating (Though even more so once they reach 100%). What consumers ask for, companies deliver. We want to send a message this Easter that all workers are deserving of fair pay and fair conditions for their livelihoods. And for that, we are willing to pay for it.

Here are some weblinks and suggestions for Fair trade Easter purchases:
City Organics
Vegan perfection
Tribes and Nations

Cadbury have released a Fair trade 65gm Easter egg available at Target, Big W, IGA and Priceline but is not listed online.

Happy [ethical] shopping this Easter!

The Uniting Church in South Australia is committed to being a Fair Trade church.

It was agreed that the Presbytery and Synod (PS08.26):
In light of the inequities present in the global market economy and the Uniting Church's commitment to standing in solidarity with the marginalised:

  1. Recognise and encourage those congregations, UnitingCare organisations, schools and colleges who already use and promote fair trade products.

  2. Encourage remaining congregations, UnitingCare organisations, schools and colleges to serve and/or promote fair trade products.

  3. Request that meetings of the Presbytery and Synod be deemed Fair Trade events and explore opportunities to serve and/or promote fair trade products.

  4. Continue to explore opportunities to serve and/or promote fair trade products at the Presbytery and Synod offices at 212 Pirie Street, Adelaide.


What is Fair Trade? 

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Fair Trade is a process which ensures that producers receive a fair price for their goods and that practices of slavery and child labour are not involved in the production process. You can support fair trade practices by purchasing fair trade goods including tea and coffee and signing up to become a fair trade community. Resource packs are available for workplaces, universities, churches and schools. Guidelines for fair trade faith communities are available here: 


Additional church and faith community fact sheets and action guides can be downloaded here:  

 and here:  

Fair trade tea, coffee and chocolate are now available at most supermarkets (check the 'health food' section) or can be ordered over the internet.

A number of Uniting Church congregations already support fair trade.


A Positive Story 

FrancesRead Frances story about

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Further information and resources including video clips, DVDs, brochures and posters are available at:

Fair Trade Association

Fair Trade Oxfam 

Don't Trade Lives


Download the two papers below that include theological reflections on Fair Trade

Fair Trade: Some Theological Perspectives

, produced by the Justice and International Mission Unit, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Uniting Church in Australia, 2007: 

When Trade Serves God's Justice... Trade Campaign Briefing Paper Number 1, by Prof. Dr Christoph Stueckelberger, General Secretary of Bread for all, Switzerland, Professor of Ethics at the Theological Faculty of the University of Basel: