Waikerie Fruit Project - a letter to supporters

Dear Supporters of the Wakerie Fruit Project,

Thank you on behalf of our friends in West Papua for the extraordinary fund raising efforts of the Waikerie Fruit Project fundraising group guided by Mrs Jennie Hosking’s capable leadership.  Graeme at Waikerie has put an enormous amount of time and energy into running this Project, and we thank him for starting this Project and keeping it going for so long.

Support from a variety of congregations have made a distinct impact on the lives of the most vulnerable and is a clear expression of Christ’s call for us to be active disciples in His name.

After 9 years the Project has run its course.  It has been a very worthwhile and great Project, helping South Australian Riverland growers in their time of need, and also supporting medical projects in West Papua.

The Project has raised nearly $13,000 for Papua. Monies still left in the account will be forwarded to Uniting World for the P3W Women's Project and the Aids/HIV Clinic in Papua. 

We want to thank you all so much for your time and effort you have put into advertising and running the Project in your churches – many of you have been involved from the beginning.  If you would like the amount that your church has raised Jennie can add up the figures and give you an amount - I think you will be surprised how it has mounted up.  You may like to write a paragraph or two for your church newsletter thanking your congregation (and family and friends) and give them the figure. 

Thank you all so much and God bless you all,

Jennie Hosking,  Volunteer with International Mission                                  

Adrian Nippress,  International Mission Officer