Planning a Mission Trip?

Things to consider:

  • While visiting another country, you are their guest and you represent the Uniting Church in Australia
  • What is the goal of your mission trip - partnership visit, cross-cultural encounter, work party, faith-sharing, developing a congregation to congregation link?
  • How might your visit benefit the partner church of the UCA?
  • How might your visit enhance the life of your congregation?


Being a UCA ambassador means living out these values:

  • Commitment to partnering for the long term
  • Mutual respect – listening to, understanding and serving our overseas partners
  • People with global radars – Aware and sensitive to global issues, articularly as they affect our overseas partners
  • Willingness to give, receive, be challenged and changed

Refer to UnitingWorld


SA focus on 5 churches

The Uniting Church, through UnitingWorld, its international Assembly agency, sustains 36 partnerships with churches and communities worldwide. In South Australia, we focus on developing the relationships with five of these churches:

  • GKI church in Papua
  • United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), North Luzon
  • Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)
  • Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT)
  • United Church in Papua New Guinea

The Uniting Church in SA strongly encourages congregations to connect with partner churches to strengthen relationships and provide safeguards for congregational members while travelling in these regions.


Duty of Care requirements:

Risk assessment to be undertaken

Participants fully briefed on the risks involved associated with travel, health, personal security and political and cultural issues. (See DFAT and Smart Traveller websites)

Every person aged 12 or over to have completed an Active Screening and Authority Request process.


Travel Insurance

A meeting of your Church Council or congregation needs to endorse the mission trip.Approval for travel is given by the Mission and Leadership Development Ministry Centre and the International Mission Officer. 

A Deed of Indemnity must be completed if it is deemed by DFAT that a particular level of risk exists in the area during the period of travel.