Overseas Partner Churches of the Synod of South Australia

The International Mission work of our Synod in SA engages churches beyond our geographical border. It is an engagement in partnership where we hope to experience, learn and contribute in God’s continuing work through God’s churches in the communities overseas. It also provides opportunities for our partner churches to visit and learn what the Uniting Church in South Australia has to offer from what we do and how we do God’s work in our context and culture.

In November 2018, we hosted visitors from the IKSAN Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), North Luzon Jurisdiction.

The Synod of SA endorsed in the 2015 October Synod meeting:

The International Mission Officer at Synod hopes to liaise with individuals who have connections and past relationship with the above churches, who are interested in being part of the Support Group to work with in sharing ideas on how we as a church can actively organise activities to “enliven” our partnership with these churches.

We are currently enjoying the leadership of the Philippine and South Korean Partnership Support Groups with regard to UCCP and PROK churches, and hope we can set up similar Support Group for GKI, CCT, and UCPNG churches.



United Church of Christ in the Philippines, North Luzon Jurisdiction,  Middle Luzon Jurisdiction

Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea, Iksan and Gunsan Presbyteries