Lent Event SA

Established in 2005, Lent Event is a community movement committed to calling people in wealthier nations such as Australia, to empower their overseas neighbours who are among the most vulnerable in the World. Lent Event challenges communities and individuals to re-assess what they value and to wisely use the worldly resources entrusted to humankind for the benefit of all. In other words, Lent Event invites us to shape our lives more fully with God's love and compassion. 

Lent Event is UnitingWorld’s call on the church to be a loving community. It’s a practical expression of solidarity with the Uniting Church’s overseas partners, and an opportunity to partner with them in the life-changing work they do. We invite you to become part of this movement of church communities stepping up to partner in God’s bigger picture of renewal and restoration. Individuals and communities of all age groups and denominations are welcome to participate.
We invite you to browse the UnitingWorld Lent Event website which has been designed to offer a wide range of accessible resources to help congregations, bible study groups, small groups, families and individuals to enter into the season of Lent in an exciting way.

Information on projects supported by South Australia

At the October 2014 Synod Meeting, it was resolved that we:

  • Affirm the action taken by congregations and Uniting Church schools on projects related to the current United Nations Millennium Development (UNMD) Goals and acknowledge the value of telling the stories of these projects as a local contribution to the achievement of the UNMD Goals
  • Embrace the strategy to further the Millennium Development Goals beyond 2015 Realising the Future We Want for All by actively connecting to the work being undertaken by the Uniting Church’s agency UnitingWorld.

Our Projects this Lent Event are based on supporting key components of the Global Goals with our partner Churches and maintaining a strong connection with Uniting World:

  1. Reducing Child Mortality and achieve improvements in primary education - North Luzon Jurisdiction Health and Functional Literacy Ministry Project

    This Partnership continues to be a close relationship of mutuality, advocacy, theological insights and friendship. We have conducted a number of projects together to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people and one of these is Irisan project in North Luzon UCCP.  The project began with a feeding program UCASA supported with the UCCP and Uniting World. It has since developed into a wider health education project – addressing malnutrition, mother’s classes on health, hygiene issues and managing household waste.  

    UCCP have requested we support the extension of this capacity building project by raising funds over the next 18 months. Our fundraising will pay the costs of running the seminars aimed at training key community people, increasing literacy and will make a direct contribution to transforming the lives of hundreds of vulnerable people in the Philippines.

    Alongside these projects of health and education, the community leaders are recovering indigenous culture, particularly through a children’s and youth program. The adults are handing on the stories of their culture to their children and strengthening traditional values.  
    (Return cheque to UCASA - International Mission Office)

  2. Combat disease – Walihole HIV/TB Clinic in West Papua  

    Rumboi from the Walihole Clinic (pronounced "wollee-hollee") wrote regarding our continuing partnership: "We want to inform you that the TB ward is complete and fully operational. For the standard of health services for TB patients the building is very fulfilling. The health department of the local government is very satisfied and have include the walihole clinic in the TB program of the government.

    For the replacement to the roof of the clinic we already made a budget plan costs. Replacement of the roof covering the mother and baby room, laboratory and the kitchen building (they are under the same roof), male and female treatment rooms and the warehouses roof. Which would be a great fundraising project for Lent Event.

    We are very grateful you've been able to fulfill our demand and still continue to support us with our plan and programs. It is an honor for us."
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  3. Improve Maternal Health – Midwife Training  in South Sudan

    South Sudan was involved in a civil war for more than two decades which destroyed virtually all infrastructure. Today South Sudan has among the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, with thousands of mothers and babies dying each year. Even before recent conflict, each day there were over 580 complications during birth, with only 1 in 10 births attended by skilled staff.

    A recent report indicates South Sudan has only 544 registered midwives who are meeting just 6% of the country’s maternal and newborn health needs.

    In response, our partner the Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency’s Midwifery Training School was developed in 2005 to train highly skilled community midwives. Since renewed fighting broke out in South Sudan in December 2013, trainee midwives were re-located across the border to Lockikoggio, Kenya, where they are completing their training in safety.
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  4. Environmental Sustainability and Climate Action: Fresh water for continued habitation of Pacific Island Homelands.

    Climate change and rising sea levels are a reality in the Pacific. The low-lying atolls of Kiribati are predicted to be the first to become uninhabitable unless something changes.  What most people don’t understand is that it will not be when low-lying atolls are under water that they become uninhabitable, but when the fresh water supplies are made saline by storm waves and king tides.Through partnership between the Uniting Church in Australia and the Kiribati Uniting Church a practical response is being implemented for the Island of Arorae.  While underground water is frequently polluted by storm waves encroaching on the island, rain water can be collected and stored in tanks.  The biggest roofs on the island are on the village churches. Naracoorte Uniting Church is working with the churches or Roreti and Tamaroa Villages on Arorae to:

    • safely remove and dispose of asbestos roofing and replace with a safe roofing product
    • fit guttering and pipes
    • and provide up 12 22,500 Litre (5000 gallon) tanks for community use, with the goal of keeping Arorae Island habitable.

     (Return cheque to UCASA - International Mission Office)

Don’t forget to indicate your support for the specific project when you return your funds.