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Workers’ Compensation - Work Injury Policy and Procedure

Scope of Policy

The scope of this policy relates only to employees of The South Australian Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia on behalf of the Church (“Synod of SA”) and therefore does not apply to:

  • Employees of Uniting Church SA congregations.
  • Those in specified Ministries not covered by Workers Compensation Legislation
  • Volunteers for any Synod of SA activities

For those excluded from this policy separate and specific work injury procedures apply.

As an expression of Synod of SA’s commitment to its employees, a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator (RRTWC) has been allocated the duty of overseeing work injury processes within Synod of SA. Synod of SA has appointed Karen Granger (HRM Adviser) as its RRTWC.

The roles and responsibilities of those involved in various aspects of the work injury processes are outlined in Appendix 1 of this policy.

Policy Statement

Synod of SA is committed to achieving a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, volunteers and visitors, and in meeting its obligations under the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 by:

  • minimising the frequency and severity of all work-related or workplace injuries or illness.
  • ensuring the effective management of employee workers’ compensation claims; and
  • ensuring a safe and early return to work through timely, effective and accessible rehabilitation programs.


Synod of SA’s executive management will be responsible for:

  • ensuring that resources, both human and financial, are available to ensure that this Workers’ Compensation - Work Injury Policy can be implemented effectively and efficiently;
  • supporting the person responsible for negotiating and decision making in consultation with managers, supervisors, external providers, employee representatives and employees, in relation to the administration of claims and the rehabilitation of injured employees; and
  • ensuring that policies and procedures are reviewed in consultation with the Responsible Officer, employees and where appropriate, Occupational Health and Safety Site Consultative Group, or as required by legislative or environmental factors.

All managers/supervisors (and any other employees specifically nominated by the Responsible Officer) will be accountable for:

  • advising the RRTWC of any injury occurring;
  • organising on-site first aid treatment and/or initial medical treatment for the injured employee, if required;
  • ensuring that the injured employee remains in a safe environment at all times, especially if the employee is required to either remain at the workplace due to specific circumstances, or is sent home following the receipt of appropriate medical treatment;
  • ensuring that any faulty or defective equipment, or any equipment subject to investigation, is isolated, secured and clearly labelled;
  • notifying the injured employee’s family (or another nominated contact person) of the injury or incident, in person;
  • notifying a OHS&W Site Consultative Group member
  • informing all relevant personnel of the work-related injury as soon as practical following the incident;
  • deciding whether the incident needs to be reported to the Responsible Officer as a possible SafeWork SA incident. (In broad terms injuries/incidents that require immediate notification are death, injury with acute symptoms, treatment in hospital as an in-patient, or dangerous occurrence. If anyone is unsure about the need to report the incident to SafeWork SA, they should leave this decision to the Responsible Officer or HRM Adviser to determine the appropriate notification procedure);
  • ensuring the injury is recorded on the appropriate Hazard/Incident Report form;
  • providing assistance to the injured employee in completing the necessary documentation, where requested.
  • providing the injured employee to access to all relevant documentation and
  • supporting the injured employee throughout the rehabilitation process.

All employees will be responsible for:

  • reporting all incidents/accidents and injuries to their manager/supervisor as soon as possible after the incident occurs.  Notification of ‘near misses’ should be made within twenty-four (24) hours.  Major injuries (e.g. involving medical treatment) should be notified immediately;

All injured employees will be responsible for:

  • completing and signing the Notification of Hazard/Critical Incident Report form;
  • obtaining a WorkCover designated medical certificate from their treating doctor and where physically possible, personally providing this certificate to the relevant manger/supervisor to be forwarded immediately to the RRTWC;
  • accurately completing a WorkCover Notice of Work-Related Injury form.  If a claim for expenses or wages is going to be made, the Compensation Claim form needs to be completed;
  • providing all relevant information that supports their claim for compensation;
  • completing, signing and returning to the HRM Adviser a Medical Release Authority form (see the required wording below); and
  • participating in all agreed procedures and programs and providing feedback to the relevant manager/supervisor, HRM Adviser and any other person involved with the management of their injury on matters relating to claims and rehabilitation.

The nominated RRTWC will be responsible for:

  • ensuring that the work injury process is conducted according with the Synod of SA’s Workers’ Compensation Work Injury Policy and Procedure and all relevant legislative requirements;
  • ensuring that claims for workers’ compensation and all relevant documentation are submitted within the specific time frames, including the submission of the relevant Medical Release Authority to the Claims Agent;
  • ensuring that any associated information relevant to the claim is communicated to the Claims Agent to support an accurate assessment of the claim;
  • establishing whether an incident or accident investigation process is required if SafeWork SA is not going to investigate immediately;
  • commencing the accident investigation according to Synod of SA procedures and determining what remedial action will be undertaken;
  • ensuring the conduct of a thorough internal accident investigation, if required;
  • assisting the injured employee with the completion of documentation, if requested;
  • ensuring that the injured employee is aware of their rights and responsibilities under the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 and associated Regulations; and
  • supporting the injured employee throughout the implementation of the Workers Compensation Work Injury and Rehabilitation process.


Executive Officer, Resources Board

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