2019 is the year of FLOURISH, where we will be invited to take risks and consider creative ways of being church in our contexts.

Seminar with Rev Dr Chris Walker

22 August 2019 - Murray Bridge Uniting Church
AND presented again on 23 August - Uniting College for Leadership and Theology

For Times Such As These Commending the Faith in Australia Today


Session 1 The Approach Taken. This session will explain the confessional approach taken. Common challenges to Christianity and the church will be outlined.

Session 2 The context of Australia today. This session will look at the 2016 Census. Principles for Christian witness in a multi-religious world will be provided. A positive example from the early church, the Letter to Diognetus will be examined.

Session 3 Big questions. In this session we will consider the two main challenges people put forward, namely the charge of hypocrisy and the problem of suffering.

Session 4 Open doors and open hearts. In this session we will consider doors into the household of faith. We will then look at possible points of contact with people. Suggestions for future action will be provided.

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The theme of Rev Sue Ellis' Moderatorial term is Grow, Nurture, Flourish.

This is based on the parable of the Mustard Seed tree in Matthew’s Gospel. Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like a tiny mustard seed being planted and that grows into a huge bushy tree, where the birds of the air come and make their nests.

“The kingdom of heaven is what the church is called to be and bring to the world,” Sue says, as she calls the church to participate in her theme.

2017 was the Year of GROW. Congregations were asked to grow their relational evangelism, by inviting people to deepen their own relationships with God, one another and with people in their work and community. Growing relationships through active listening, genuine caring and respectful engagement, prepares the ground for questions of faith to be raised by people who are not in a relationship with Jesus. Our personal stories of Jesus in our lives helping us and blessing us, can bring hope and healing to others.

2018 was the year of NURTURE, where we are called to intentionally nurture our discipleship.