Grant in Aid

Grant-in-Aid provides short-term assistance to congregations who cannot afford to meet ongoing stipend payments. It is special funding to help congregations over particular situations (unforeseen and/or out of the control of the congregation).   For instance, if a local industry closes with resulting redundancies, it might be expected that offerings would reduce and there could be a heavier demand on the services provided by the local congregation.

Previously the province of individual presbyteries, the councils of which usually had an excellent appreciation of local conditions, Grant in Aid is now to be referred to the Executive Officer, Resources who will consult other teams within the Presbytery and Synod as necessary.

Grant-in-Aid applications are reviewed throughout the year.  Grant in Aid will be awarded one year at a time and is not normally granted for extended periods (longer than three years maximum) and is not given to extend the life of non-viable congregations.