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Paradise of Dissent Revisited (1836-1900)

Church of the Trinity

318 Goodwood Rd. Clarence Park 5034

4 May 2024 9:00am - 5:00pm

Event details

The South Australian Church History Network is a group of historians from several Christian denominations (currently Anglican, Baptist, Salvation Army, and Uniting Church) who are concerned with the recognition of South Australian religious history within the broader history of South Australia and the religious history of Australia as a whole.

The aims are:

- To increase awareness of the Christian presence in and contribution to South Australian life and history from 1836

- To critically explore the notion of South Australia as a ‘Paradise of Dissent,’ which was distinctive within Australia

- To document existing historical analysis of the role of Christianity and churches in South Australia and to encourage further research and publication

We are holding a one-day conference next year to explore new areas in the religious history of nineteenth century South Australia and examine how churches and Christians influenced social and public life. The conference is entitled Paradise of Dissent Revisited (1836-1900)

• Saturday 4 May 2024, 9am – 5pm (save the date!)
• Church of the Trinity, 318 Goodwood Road, Clarence Park 5034
• Registration information will be available early 2024.

You are invited to register your interest in contributing a paper of 20 minutes (about 2500 words) to the conference on topics that relate to the history of Christianity in nineteenth-century South Australia.

Please indicate your interest with a brief outline of the topic to the SACHN Convenor, Dean Eland, (details below) by 11 December 2023. Formal abstracts (about 250 words) should be submitted by 12 February 2024.

For further information, please contact Dean Eland, Turn on Javascript!
or Judith Raftery, Turn on Javascript!.

For more information

Contact Dean Eland
Phone 0419 112 603 or email Turn on Javascript!

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