Event details

Journeying ... beyond belief

Blackwood Uniting Church

266 Main Road, Blackwood, 5051

21 November 2021 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Event details

An Atheist, a Buddhist and a Christian walk into a bar ... ahh, I mean ... walk into a church ... and onto a panel!

What happens next?

I'm afraid you'll simply have to be there to find out!

We live in a world ...

In which reality has been shredded into opposing, mutually incompatible belief systems.
In which alternative worldviews and alternative facts abound.

How can we, as individuals, as communities, as a world, regain the experience of a shared reality?

How can we move beyond mere belief, to that unifying 'something' which transcends belief?

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Contact Jacqui Harrison
Phone +61882787699 or email office@blackwooduc.org.au

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