Event details

Contemplative Worship

Seacliff Uniting Church

5-9 Wheatland St. Seacliff

27 June 2021 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Event details

It seems that we are living in an increasingly busy, noisy and fast paced world. Where and how can we find some peace and quiet?

One way is in Contemplative Worship, a service of stillness, silence and reflection.

On June 27th, Seacliff UC will be offering a Contemplative Service at the church in Wheatland Ave. Commencing at 6:00pm and run for about an hour. It will be followed by light refeshments for those who wish to stay and mingle.

The service will include quiet music, often from the Taize community, readings, a short reflection followed by a period for personal reflection in silence, Holy Communion and prayer.

This is an opportunity to come into the quiet and find grace and peace to restore your soul.

For more information

Contact Gary Stuckey
Phone 0488017187 or email gstu@internode.on.net

Visit www.seacliffuc.net (opens in a new window)

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