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Digital Storytelling and Faith Formation

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3 July 2020 - 4 July 2020 1:30am

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Live video on the topic of Digital Storytelling and Faith Formation with Dr Mary Hess.
(organised by Craig Mitchell, craigmitchell01@gmail.com)

What stories will you tell of recent months?
What stories have disturbed you?
What stories have brought hope?

Stories shape our lives and form our faith:
the big narrative of Scripture,
the testimonies of saints past and present,
our own faith journeys.

In the digital realm we are bombarded by multiple truths. In our daily world we are delighted, challenged and transformed by stories, remarkable and ordinary. In the digital world we can explore, connect, share, empower, celebrate and be changed through stories, local and global.

This conversation is about the possibilities of growing people's faith through storytelling in the digital world.

Dr Mary Hess is Professor of Educational Leadership at Luther Seminary in Minnesota, USA. She has a strong interest in the role of media in faith formation, religious education and theological education. Mary is a core member of the International Study Commission in Media, Religion and Culture. https://meh.religioused.org/web/

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