Increasingly, Uniting Church congregations and individual members are seeing that their love for the Creator should be lived out through practical, loving actions on behalf of the rest of creation.

At the Presbytery and Synod meeting in November 2006, the Resources Board was given the task of investigating some concrete options which might be made available to churches, such as solar panels and on site water collection.  This work was undertaken by the Environmental Church Properties Working Group, now known as the Church Environment Working Group.

This group has been focused on the application of environmental strategies to church property, rather than the adoption of existing fixed measurement rating schemes. This has been achieved through the consultancy of Energy Architecture, who has designed a universal application which can be used in conjunction with the information provided in the booklet 'Resources for increasing the energy & water efficiency of church properties', to guide congregations toward the measures most applicable to their particular property.

Green resources

Matrix Tool for Energy Efficiency & Water Efficiency of Church Properties

The Matrix tool has been developed for use by congregations of the Uniting Church in South Australia and may be not be reproduced by others either in part or in full without the express permission of the Presbytery and Synod of the Uniting Church in South Australia.  Congregations of the Uniting Church may purchase electronic copies of the Matrix Tool on CD for a cost of $10.00 by email to the Property Services office at property@sa.uca.org.au.

Resources for increasing the energy & water efficiency of church properties

Booklet suggesting some specific starting points, including websites for further information.

Reducing Energy Consumption in the Home

Information provided to help individuals and congregations to reduce energy consumptions in homes.