Networking is important

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It’s the beginning of school term three and for a large number of teachers and pastoral care workers, this is conference time. Recently, Christian Schools Australia SA and Schools Ministry Group held their annual state conferences and Uniting Venues SA (UVSA) used this opportunity to share the story about the camp facilities and outdoor education programs. 

Networking is important for all organisations. UVSA uses networking as a way of forming relationships with others to help grow the ministry and expand the ability to find new customers and partners. A key element of effective networking is to make yourself known.

Over the course of three intensive days, UVSA promoted its services to a wide audience of people at these two recent conferences.

UVSA also recognises the value of social media and maintains an active presence on social media including Facebook.  Want to stay abreast of what UVSA is up to?  Then find them on Facebook -

Further information about UVSA and links to other social media platforms can be found on their website -


Above, Brendan (Beyond Limits Program Manager) sends a post on Facebook as he attends the UVSA Stand at the conference. 


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