JobKeeper 2.0

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On 21st July 2020, the Government announced that the JobKeeper Payment will be extended until 28th March 2021. It will be targeted to support those businesses and not-for-profits who continue to be significantly impacted by COVID-19.

What you need to know:

  • Congregations currently claiming JobKeeper Payments (for lay staff or Ministry of Pastor - MoP) will continue to be eligible until 27th September 2020. The current process remains in place
  • Those congregations with Ministry of the Word (MoW) or Ministry of Deacon (MoD) reported through the Synod, will continue to be eligible until 27th September 2020. The current process remains in place
  • Any permanent staff employed after 1st March and prior to 30th June 2020, will now be eligible for JobKeeper for the fortnight beginning 3rd August 2020.
  • Casual staff who have greater than 12 months’ regular service at 30th June 2020 are also eligible for JobKeeper from 3rd August – the previous test was based on 1st March 2020.

From 28th September 2020, the JobKeeper Payment will be targeted to businesses and not-for-profits that have been most significantly impacted. The payment rates will be stepped-down and two tiers of payment will be introduced.

Congregations seeking to claim JobKeeper Payments will be required to reassess their eligibility for the JobKeeper extension with reference to their actual turnover. The JobKeeper extension will be available to qualifying congregations from 28th September 2020 until 28th March 2021.

What you need to do now:

At this stage, you are not required to do anything.

We sent an email out with information and instructions to Treasurers and payroll contacts at the end of August giving you the information you need to prepare for JobKeeper 2.0. Please contact Turn on Javascript! if you did not receive this information.

This communication will inform you of the following:

  • The framework for JobKeeper 2.0 and key information required to determine eligibility
  • Whether the Synod will be eligible for JobKeeper 2.0
  • What calculations congregations with lay staff or MoPs need to perform to determine eligibility
  • What information needs to be provided to Synod payroll going forward
  • What processes will be adopted post 27th September 2020 in relation to JobKeeper 2.0.


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