About Rev Trevor Whitney

Rev Trevor Whitney - Disbility Ministry ChaplainRev Trevor Whitney commenced in the position of Disability Ministries Chaplain in 2001 following 14 years in parish ministry, as well as an interim term as Coordinating Chaplain at Julia Farr Services. He came to his present role with a strong commitment towards engaging in pastoral relationship with peoples often regarded as socially marginalised. The role involves institutional chaplaincy at Minda and Disability Services SA (formerly Julia Farr), as well as advocacy, and resourcing across the UCA and wider church.

He enjoys with a passion bush walking in Anstey Hill Conservation Park near where he lives, and anywhere else that has hills and marsupials; drinking ice coffee in bed on a Saturday morning along with the morning papers and crosswords (a truly spiritual experience); reading; as well as really, really pretentious stuff such as roaming unfettered around art galleries, and European movies.

The love of his life is Lyn and they have 2 kids, one of each, who barely tolerate their parents in their dotage.