Covenanting Statements

Uniting Church Statements and Resolutions

15th Triennial Assembly Statement on Sovereignty> 13 July 2018

Support for Indigenous Peoples 07 October 2014

Recognition of Indigenous Peoples in the Australian Constitution 07 October 2014

Revised Preamble to the Uniting Church Constitution 01 July 2009

Matters Affecting Indigenous Peoples 01 July 2009

Covenanting 01 July 2000

The Stolen Generations 01 July 1997

National Day 01 July 1997

Wik and Native Title Concerns 01 July 1997

Land Rights 09 July 1991

Covenant Statement

This Covenant Statement was read by the President of the Uniting Church Assembly to the Chairperson, the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress on Sunday Afternoon, 10 July, 1994.

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Response to the Covenant Statement

This response was read by the Chairperson of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress, Bill Hollingsworth. 

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